May 09th 2019

Traditional baker’s trades
meet science !

Summit on current
findings on sourdough

1st International Richemont Sourdough Summit

May 09-10, 2019, Swiss Museum of Transport, Lucerne, Switzerland

The Richemont Centre of Excellence in Lucerne, (Switzerland), and the International Richemont Club will hold a symposium on May 9, 2019. Experts from practice, nutritional science and research will give presentations on the latest findings on bread, salubriousness and digestibility and their relation to sourdough.

Bread once was the most important staple food, but today it’s losing its importance. More and more people avoid bread in their diet, whether it is because of digestive problems, gluten intolerance or as a dietary measure. What are the reasons for the health concerns? Do bread and bakery products really have negative effects on health and well-being? Or is industrial production the culprit for its gradually deteriorating image in many cases? What role do the raw materials, processing and especially dough resting time play?

In recent years, many craftsmen and scientists have been intensively involved in the production of tasty and healthy breads and bakery products, and together they are getting to the bottom of these questions. In five thematic blocks, renowned experts present new concepts and findings on the topics of ingredients, sourdoughs, processes, nutrition and health. Open Q&A sessions and an exhibition with tastings of products made with sourdough from nine different countries and market stalls from suppliers set the broader framework of the congress. Exchange and networking during the breaks and at the final Apéro Riche will round off the event.

The summit offers:

  • Latest findings on and experiences made with bread ingredients, processes and research on sourdough
  • Exchange and network with renowned experts from across Europe
  • Presentation and tasting of bread and bakery products from different countries

The summit addresses:

  • Specialists from bakeries, mills and agriculture
  • Specialists from the food processing sector
  • Specialists from the fields of nutrition and health
  • Specialist subject teachers from the food industry
  • Food bloggers, journalists and other interested specialists and bread enthusiasts

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Lucerne on May 9th, 2019.


Detailed schedule

Detailed information about the entire conference program can be found here


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Detailed information about the entire conference program can be found here

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